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Specializing in management of real estate assets and portfolios.  We take a portfolio approach, looking at your entire collection as a whole to manage cashflow, budgets and appreciation.

From new construction, planning and development to unit rehab and minor maintenance. Our construction team has a wide range of expertise in all aspects of construction and rehab.

We have a residential team and an investment property team. Our team of agents help our clients sell and acquire properties to maximize their cashflow and value.

About Ryan

Born and raised in Chico, Ryan has fostered business relationships over decades. His team spans multiple industries giving us a single contact point for investors.

With finance and investment as a passion, Ryan has developed a niche for selling, managing and rehabbing real estate assets. Clients seek Ryan out for a one stop shop: buy, rehab/build, rent.

We call this the three-legged stool, as we create tremendous efficiency when we handle the:

  • Purchase & Sale Negotiations
  • Rehab & Remodel/Development
  • Management & Leasing

Large investors appreciate the "portfolio approach" that sets our team apart, looking at your collection of properties as a whole.

There are few teams that you can work with that can do all above with excellence while increasing your portfolio's net growth and cashflow.

Ryan Vaught